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Crush Groove Cosmetics is for women who want to look glamorous naturally. You don't have to trade in your stilettos to make a statement. My mission is to provide high quality products that will restore, protect, and nourish your skin to enhance your inner beauty without sacrificing style. Let me make you fabulous!

As a makeup artist in the entertainment industry, I provide holistic beauty services without the use of chemicals and animal by-products that are in most cosmetics. Due to growing up with severe eczema, psoriasis, and acne, I adopted a holistic vegetarian lifestyle. Before I started my healthy journey, I experienced painful chemical peel treatments and used steroid-based creams and birth control pills just to improve my skin. Not only did my skin worsen, it made my body toxic! With the encouragement of my friends, I developed a herbal-based mineral makeup and skincare line with only Mother Nature's finest ingredients. As a result, my skin improved 100%. Like always, everything happens for a reason. If I did not experience these "growing pains", Crush Groove Cosmetics would not exist and I would not be able to provide you with the healthiest mineral makeup on earth!

Stay blessed,

J. Belle


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